Andreas Franke

Fotografie / Wien


Andreas Franke is known for his talent for pushing the boundaries of photography, but diving is his passion. In 2010 Franke merged talent and passion with his long-term dream of an extraordinary art project, resulting in the opening of the world‘s first underwater photo exhibit on the USNS Vandenberg, a shipwreck off the coast of Key West, Florida. The response of visitors and the international media confirmed the wide spread fascination with the idea and more projects followed. Franke has been creating his one of-a-kind under water art projects for over 5 years, and hopes to continue this work indefinitely.



Refined By The Sea

The work actually begins as a composite photograph – a collage of underwater photographs of the submerged ships combined with studio photographs representing people in scenes from everyday life, as well as days gone by. The photographs are covered with plexiglass and then carefully placed into the sea. While underwater, the influence of the sea attaches to each image.

The Originals where on Display at the shipwreck and divers had the  chance to see the underwater exhibition. Spending months underwater, all the pictures develop a real underwater patina. The result of this process makes each picture a Unique artwork.

The installation of the artwork on the place of its origin is the major part of the completion of the concept. During the months of exhibition a slow procedure leads to an extraordinary transformation and matures the artwork to its final result. Salty water enters the artwork at the edges and creates artistic, colorful frames and the settlement of marine life on the acrylic surface adds an extensive patina and evolves the exhibits to entirely inimitable and absolutely unique art works.


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Unique and inimitable
Brought back to land the ennobled artwork gets dried and sealed professionally so it can be shown above the surface.


October 2017,
Foto Art Festival, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

July – December 2017,
Cite de l’Ocean et du Surf, Biarritz, France

August – December 2016,
Stavronikita visits Vandenberg, Eco Discovery Center Key West

April 3 – August 15 2016,
Stavronikita visits Vandenberg, underwater installation on USNS Vandenberg

January 29 – February 14 2016,
Festival for film and photography, Slovenske Konjice

November 30 2015 – February 2016,
Eco Discovery Center Key West

September 4 – 13 2015,
Stavronikita + Mohawk Project, Marmara 15th International Underwater Image Festival, Istanbul

March 1 – July 5 2015,
Stavronikita Project, Sweet 18 Exhibition at Kasteel d’Ursel, Hingene, Belgium

May 7 – June 30 2015,
Stavronikita Project, Snoecks Gallery, Brussel, Belgium

March 22 – May 3 2014,
Mohawk Project, The Navy SEAL Museum, Fort Pierce, Fl

March 4 – May 31 2014,
The Phantasy Fairytale, LIME Spa and NIYAMA SUBSIX, Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

June 11 – October 27 2013,
Stavronikita Project, Fire-Brigade Museum, Groß St. Florian, Austria

October 4 – October 26 2013,
Lee County Alliance for the Arts Galleries, Fort Myers, FL

May 2013 – September 2013,
Mohawk Project, underwater on USS Mohawk CGC

April 25 – April 28 2013,
Art Monaco, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

December 27 2012 – May 2013,
Stavronikita Project, underwater on SS Stavronikita

January 17 – February 15 2013,
Vandenberg Project, The Studios of Key West

June 5 – June 8 2012,
Vandenberg Project, Ronald Reagan Building, Washington DC

May 2012 – September 2012,
Vandenberg Project, 2nd Edition underwater on USNS Vandenberg

August 2011 – December 2011,
Vandenberg Project, 1st Edition underwater on USNS Vandenberg